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When you’re starting to get to know a basic chick, the signs of her basic tendencies aren’t always easy to identify (although visually, she might be wearing a pair of leggings and Ugg boots). Giphy. Signs You're a Basic Bitch 50 Signs You're a Basic B*tch and Proud of It. You may unsubscribe at any time. 1. As the weather changes, you get a chance to re-do your wardrobe and reinvent yourself, if you want to. Any time, anywhere.Â, 21. 7.3K Shares View On One Page … 12 Signs You're *Obvi* A Basic Mom. Basic Sign Language (ASL) Grammar Explanations The Five Elements. Her Campus may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. British Sign Language Numbers, 1-10. 19 Signs You’re Not A Basic Bitch. You're always yourself. They sip on coconut water instead of PSLs and, while you'll rarely catch them wearing Uggs, they'll rock the cheeks off a Brazilian bikini. You love wine, like, you’d rather die than not drink wine. 10 Signs that you’re experiencing depersonalisation: You feel emotionally numb or overwhelmed. And if you don’t Instagram brunch, did it even happen? The Basic Bitch phenomenon continues and we couldn’t help but do a guy version: the Basic Bro. 40. You have a Pinterest account. 4. Here are 30 signs your man is cookie-cutter and could use some originality: 1. 32. By Carla Herreria Russo. If you're not sure you qualify for this liberating declaration, check out 50 signs that you're totes basic and loving it. 4. 28. You wear high socks and sandals from time to time (or always, everywhere) Oct. 13, 2017. You want more than anything to be on the Bachelor. 3. In all seriousness, though, books are probably your most sacred possessions. This term originates in hip-hop and rap, and refers to middle-class females—often white—who are obsessed with mainstream trends, products, movies, music, and more. Author's Note: Basic, in this checklist is meant to be about people who get excited for things that are pretty normal or popular. You say things like “my diet starts Monday.”. 19. 24. August 22, 2015 by Macy Cate Williams. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is your favorite holiday. 50 signs that you might be a basic white girl The definition of a basic white girl is someone who tries to show her individuality by doing things that are cliche, shallow, and irritating to … Taylor Milano. By Basic Bitches of GLAMOUR. You are really concerned with being basic. How basic are you?!? You go to Starbucks all the time but refuse to order a Frappuccino. August 6, 2018. by BigTenBlonde. #brunch #foodporn #sorrynotsorry. 21. She plans to pursue a career in public relations or journalism, where she can live in a city and decorate her own apartment. 0. Assuming you’re of childbearing age, if you don’t get your period at all, or go many months between cycles, this is a strong sign that you’re not ovulating. You’re a BIG proponent of brunch. Basic dads, however, have been successfully flying under the radar for some time. Enough said. You love sparkling water and you hate cardio. You say ‘margs’ instead of margaritas, but whatevs. Here are some signs that you’re still basic even though you’re trying not to be, many of which I am guilty of myself (and there’s nothing wrong with that)! 36. 17 Signs You're Basic Please refer to the pH scale. Well, just move on up to this decade and you have the basic bitch instead. Here are the 49 things you’re doing that earn you basic bro status. We don't have t-shirts, but we do have excellent filters. Being a boss ass bitch is a lifestyle–it’s not something you can acquire overnight. Share. Pennsylvania State University. Brunch is your jam, along with bottomless mimosas. As our homegirl, T-Swift, preaches: haters gonna hate, but you gotta shake it off. You deserve it. Mar 06, 2017. 17. 31 signs you’re a bit of a basic bitch. 18 Signs You're A Basic B*tch All my basic bitches, please stand up. . Almost always you use a filter. 39. ... Log in or sign up. And you probably shared the article on Facebook about how you will soon be able to drink alcohol in Target when you shop. 2. Eat, Pray, Love AKA The Basic Bitch Bible changed your life. He talks and laughs way too loudly. 12 Signs You’re A Basic Bitch From The Bay Area. I didn't intend to be a basic mom, but it was like I popped a baby out and suddenly I … You love getting your nails done almost as much as you love throwing up in the morning when you’re hungover. 9. 20. Are you dating one? It’s always boba, not bubble tea. FlipBoard. 17 Signs You're A Hawaii Basic. 1583 Pexels O ne of the most common terms used for girls nowadays is "basic". Here are the 10 Signs You're A Basic Bro. You're a master at silly faces. 10. You’d totally pick the movie over the book. Well, just move on up to this decade and you have the basic bitch instead. 7.2K Shares View On One Page Photo 50 of 50 ADVERTISEMENT () Start Slideshow . 10 Signs You're a Basic Bro. 2. 7.3K Shares View On One Page Photo 13 of 50 ADVERTISEMENT () Start Slideshow . August 22, 2015 by Macy Cate Williams. #PSL <3, 2. 22. All Rights Reserved. Unless you're going vintage and you want to get an old Nimbus 2000. Sure, they can be fun to hang around with, but if you're not interested in a girl who obsesses over brunch and constantly brags about yoga, you may not want a basic b*tch girlfriend. Be sure to comment & tell me below!! 21. 18. If you’re in Greek life, you’ve mastered the sorority squat for flawless pictures with your sisters. Or in the words of her people: Keep calm and vote on! Show me my results! 30 Sep 2016. Copyright © 2009-2020 Her Campus Media, LLC. Being a boss ass bitch is a lifestyle–it’s not something you can acquire overnight. Plus, you have enough inspirational quotes and dream wedding dresses to last a lifetime. There are several ways you can spot a basic b*tch once you know the signs. ... And here they are, for you to determine if you're basic, or if some bro you know is. Daddys princess. You're not basic unless you score higher than a 7 on the pH scale. But gurl, don’t be ashamed, because #yolo #froyo. Phases of Britney Spears, or Disney princesses? Here are 30 signs your man is cookie-cutter and could use some originality: 1. Your obsession with Kate Middleton is getting slightly out of hand…. He talks and laughs way too loudly. 800. She's a self-proclaimed Pinterest enthusiast, aspiring writer, avid reader, and constant smiler. 11. As a native Bay Area resident who’s lived in San Jose for 18 years, I feel qualified to put together a list of 12 signs you know you’re from the Bay. *Also applicable to Titanic and Love Actually. The toughest decision you make on the weekends is what outfit to wear out to the bar. 1,056. You think liking Mumford & Sons makes you edgy. What does it really take to be a basic bitch? . 22 Signs You're Basic By Kasia Jaworski • Lifestyle September 30, 2014 at 8:00pm Ba -sic [bey-sik], adj: A state of being for most girls, categorized by disproportionate excitement for ordinary things, performance of actions typical of any girl and general unoriginality. Lending a book to a friend is the ultimate sign of trust. So go ahead with that Pumpkin Spice Latte, girl. You go to bed every night thankful for Netflix account your best friends dad pays for. 22. Chelsea Li. 2) Dances in front of the mirror. 3. 12. ... And here they are, for you to determine if you're basic, or if some bro you know is. 2) Dances in front of the mirror. Share. Why are you taking this quiz? Here are some signs that you're a basic fall mom and not even a little bit sorry about that, too. 5) You’re buying her drinks at the bar even though you know she’s not having sex with you or worse yet, you’re buying drinks for her friends. You drink things that are green just because you associate that with being healthy. Signs That You're a Basic Bride 38 "Basic Bride" Trends We're All Guilty Of. Basic Bitches’ Starter Pack. Learn about us. Here are 50 indicators that you might be basic AF. When you call into sick to work it’s because you’re hungover. You’re all over it. Zero calories + personalization = perfection. Taylor Swift is your jam, whether you willingly admit it or not. Check out the top signs that you're dating a basic white girl, and vote up the most egregious acts of basic b*tchiness. 41. Â. Praying for a third Sex and the City movie to come out ASAP. 1. No Rise in Basal Body Temperature As mentioned above, your basal body temperature rises slightly after ovulation.   Â. You use Bitmoji as a substitute for words. You take planned ‘candid’ photos for Instagram and still try to play it off like it was actually candid. 10 Signs That You're Basic Told by a girl who is basic AF. 42 Undeniable Signs You're A Basic Bro. 901. You always have to take a selfie, especially right after you get your hair done because your flawlessness needs to be shared with all. December 28, 2014 by Sierra Horton. 0 Shares. Sometimes you take selfies with your friends. Plus, you know just how to please other babies, and what they want to see from your face, which is typically ugly. She abuses the word "literally" "I literally can't even right now." More specifically, white wine when you’re at home in yoga pants with your fancy candles. Never miss a … 23. That #tbt of something that happened last week? But hey, the haters are gonna hate (#shakeitoff), so you keep doing you. You tell your friends you need to detox, but then go out that same night. Here are 50 indicators that you might be basic AF. 31. Here are ten surefire signs of nerdom from an unconventional nerd: 1. You always Snapchat your food like people actually give a shit that you’re eating a piece of pizza. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. Are you dating one? Millennials of East/West Village. You want an IV of coffee flowing straight into your veins. 249 Ali Hanna's Snapchat 1. I didn't intend to be a basic mom, but it was like I popped a baby out and suddenly I was knee-deep in LuLaRoe leggings. 16. On another style note, you still own UGGs.Â. Show me my results! And if you tell enough people about it, you're pretty sure … Reddit. (And, to be very clear, you shouldn't be.) The Vow, HBO's documentary series about Keith Raniere's NXVIM group, profiles several people who initially thought they were part of a Landmark Forum-esque personal development organization, dedicated to helping people become the best version of themselves. By Lauretta Charlton. One day, when you find yourself trapped in a loveless marriage to a rich man in Connecticut, you’re going to leave him to go find yourself through extensive prayer and pizza. You always tweet when you’re hungover about how hungover you are. You act like you have real problems when your life is actually fine. 18. 1,023. You drink vodka sodas and pretend to enjoy them because they’re ~ low cal ~.

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