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Statism: The reverse of libertarianism; the belief that the state is a moral entity and should be adhered to for fear of breakdown of society. Distinct Ethnic Cultures: A school that offers cultural, educational, and/or social support to a particular ethnic group. Junior – a student in their third year of high school or college/university. Focus school: A term some school districts use to describe a type of option school. Parent involvement is expected and welcomed. A abdomen. Teen Parent Program: Most teen parent programs are housed at alternative schools and provide on-site childcare to allow students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma or complete the GED. E.g., “Universal healthcare is too expensive”. Looping: A system where a class of students stays with the same teacher for two or more years. The purpose of the program is to increase knowledge through teaching facts and helping students make logical arguments. National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP): Also known as the “Nation’s Report Card.” A representative sample of students in America take the NAEP tests in 4th, 8th, and 12th grade to provide a national assessment of what America’s students know. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Vocational education: A program that teachers middle or high school students specific skills or trades to prepare them for careers, occupations, or trades that are generally non-academic and do not require a four-year or advanced college degree. Adapted by Dr. Barbara Lowe from Building a Successful Speech and Debate Team: A Guide for the Novice Coach by Brenda Moe. Scholarships: Funds provided by private organizations or the government to help families pay for tuition and related educational costs. Students learn new information in their native language. VocabularySpellingCity provides these high school math word lists to teachers and parents to supplement the high school math curriculum. Online school: A school that provides curriculum over the Internet, allowing students to study at their own pace. Click here to learn more about homeschooling in Colorado. English Literature Dictionary & Glossary for students . In Colorado, students are not required to attend their neighborhood school. Water scarcity The lack … Charter School Institute: A state government organization that approves and provides accountability to charter schools. At Achieve Virtual, we have years of experience assembling online high school courses for effective asynchronous learning that students have the flexibility to engage when and where suits them best, allowing for maximum flexibility appreciated by our students. -- Colorado Charter, Option Schools, and Innovation Schools, -- Choosing the Right School for Your Child, -- College Resources for Colorado Students, -- Colorado Early Childhood Education and Preschool, Online learning school / Online learning program. Schools that implement IB may continue to use the local school district curriculum but teach subjects according to IB objectives and methods. Some schools also refer to bilingual education as part of a dual-language program that seeks to produce students who can read, write, and speak in both languages. Physical Science Glossary absolute magnitude The brightness of a star if viewed from a distance of 32.6 light years; the scale ranges from -8 to 16, with -8 being the brightest and 16 the faintest (Lesson 31) absolute zero The This list is not exhaustive and may expand at any given time. high school definition: 1. a school in the US for older children, usually children from grades 9-12, or aged approximately…. (See No Child Left Behind Act and Title I.) The curriculum emphasizes learning through experience and integration of subject areas under broad themes and group projects. Learn high school digital literacy glossary with free interactive flashcards. For more information on Colorado Early Colleges click here. Classic works of free verse include W.H. The purpose of the activities is to help you review material you have already studied in class or have read in your text. Outward Bound: A nonprofit educational organization that operates several schools throughout Colorado that are dedicated to character development and self-discovery through challenge and adventure. Many high school students struggle with the depth and breadth of high school science courses. US Higher Education Glossary ... AP (Advanced Placement) – a national program of standardized classes offered to high school students. Glossary of Biological Terms ← BACK. Public school: A school funded by taxpayer dollars that does not charge tuition. Combined school – A public school that contains any combination of K-12 grade levels and is not an elementary (K-5), middle (6-8) or high school (9-12). Project Lead the Way is a program that engages students to learn real world problem solving skills in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. VocabularySpellingCity has compiled a list of high school science, social studies, and mathematics terms. These glossaries are to provide permitted testing accommodations of ELL/MLL students.They should also be used for instruction during the school year. Medical Prep: A school that offers a program designed to prepare students for a career in the medical field. A K-8 school is an example of a combined school. GED Completion: A program for students to complete the General Educational Development (GED) test, which shows proficiency in high school-level academic subjects. Students are taught in both English and the non-English second language. I created this list for my high school students to use as review. ROTC: The school hosts a chapter of a United States’ Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) that teaches leadership skills and military discipline. Expeditionary Learning Schools: A type of school where students learn academic subjects through real-world projects, also known as expeditions. In this glossary, you will see definitions of terms that are commonly associated with the online environment and are frequently used throughout the DoDEA Virtual High School. The varied lists are perfect for all high school subject area teachers. For some of these, it’s not so much for saying what they mean as much as defining them for clarity, especially since I can be particular on my word use. Retaliation: Action which would normally be considered aggression, but is morally justified by previous aggression by the victim party. Blended learning: Blended learning combines online learning, with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace with at least some time also spent in a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home. Subsidiary Marxist beliefs include communism and socialism. This glossary contains key words that appear frequently in NSW Education Standards Authority syllabuses, performance descriptions and examinations. angle formed by two rays with a common endpoint.. arc the set of points on a circle that lie in the interior of a central angle.. area the space within a shape; measured in square units.. bisects divides into two equal parts.. central angle an angle whose vertex is the center of the circle. Glossary Pearson, as an active contributor to the biology learning community, is pleased to provide free access to the Classic edition of The Biology Place to all educators and their students. 10th Annual Auction. When grade 9 is organized as a part of a junior high school is grades 10-12. Kids in the House, High School Glossary, Welcome to the Kids in the House Web site, brought to you by the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This article provides definitions of economic terms for middle school and high school use. Technology: A school that offers a program designed to train students in technology systems. Click here to learn more about homeschooling in Colorado. Liberty: The right to commit non-aggressive actions. Experiential education / Experiential learning: A way of teaching that primarily uses experiences such as projects, field trips, discovery, and experimentation to help students learn. School-sponsored Tutoring: A school that offers tutoring by educators or other qualified adults for students who need extra help in one or more academic areas. A vocabulary list featuring Literary Terms for High School Students. The seven categories are available through “Summary Lists” in the following categories: Biology, Ecology, Integrated Science, Chemistry, Physics, Space Science, and Earth Science. Below you will find definitions for many common educational terms, including those used on SchoolChoiceForKids.org. Glossary 42_SF9_Glossary(1).pdf — PDF document, 122 kB (125434 bytes) Document Actions These glossaries may be downloaded, printed and disseminated to educators, parents and ELLs/MLLs. A Glossary for High School Campus Profiles In an effort to provide the community with additional information regarding our campuses, Lewisville ISD created a … Special needs: A term used to describe students who have learning difficulties that require extra support, including visual or hearing impairment, physical or mental handicap, serious emotional difficulties, autism, and attention deficit disorder. Advanced Career: A program that teaches real-world skills allowing students to jump start their vocational careers upon graduation. The moral statement that aggression is morally wrong and warrants retaliation. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. For some of these, it’s not so much for saying what they mean as much as defining them for clarity, especially since I can be particular on my word use. Supplemental (education) services: Part of the federal No Child Left Behind Act, these services may include free tutoring or other remedial help for low-income students in schools that fail to meet academic growth goals set by state and federal government. Fraud: Giving false or incomplete information to acquire a party’s consent. High School Courses Developed by MIT Students These courses were offered through the High School Studies Program (HSSP), a project of the MIT Educational Studies Program . Core Knowledge: An educational curriculum that provides a solid, sequential, and specific grade-by-grade core of common knowledge with the goal of developing cultural literacy, greater fairness, and higher literacy in the early grades. Murder: To terminate another individual’s Life. A place where wastewater is treated to a high (tertiary) standard so that it can be recycled for a range of beneficial, non-drinking, purposes. Character education: A school program or philosophy that teaches good morals and values. Libertarianism: The political ideology which centers around the NAP as a guideline for governing and morality, focusing mostly on humanity’s innate freedom and liberty. At-risk students are more likely not to graduate from high school. The school’s operator signs a contract with the local Board of Education to provide an educational program. Open enrollment: The option Colorado students have to apply for enrollment in a public school other than the “neighborhood school” that many students are assigned to by their school district based on where they live. Sometimes a school is too crowded and students living in the neighborhood cannot attend their neighborhood school. Multi-age classrooms are based on the idea that older students benefit by modeling skills to younger students who benefit from having older role models to imitate. Charter schools are usually founded by parents, teachers, or community members. Public school of choice: A public school that a student may choose to attend outside of his or her assigned attendance area. School level is the grade level in your school—elementary, middle, or high school. Argument: The thesis statement of an individual’s case. Liberal arts education: A school program that includes extensive coursework in all core academic subject areas. a, not, without + bios, life] Many people quite correctly say that genre is always imperfect, because literature is constantly evolving and works often fit into none of the preexisting genres. This list is not exhaustive and may expand at any given time. Glossary of Education Terms This page explains the terms and acronyms used in California’s education system. NESA is regularly updating its advice as the coronavirus outbreak unfolds. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Due to The Draft, many recent high school graduates went directly from school into the military. Bilingual education: This term generally refers to a program designed to help English language learners gradually learn English. Form of aggression when said consent involves Life, Liberty, or Property (which it almost always does). Click the link, DVHS Online Learning Glossary to download this glossary. British Primary School: British Primary schools feature multi-grade classrooms where students usually stay with the same teacher for several years to maintain a continuous relationship. Gifted and talented: The term used to describe students with exceptional or advanced academic abilities and potential for accomplishment. Because libertarianism and anarchism isn't just for eligible voters. No Child Left Behind includes the requirement that schools help all students to be proficient in math and reading by 2014. Infringed by assault and murder. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Seniors, The Counseling department has compiled this reference guide, which we hope will aid you in your college search and planning. With that in mind, U.S. News compiled a glossary of important education terms specifically for international students and parents. The purpose of the activities is to help you review material you have already studied in class or have read in your text. Environmental Focus: Schools with an environmental focus integrate instruction about the environment and natural sciences into other subject areas. School board: Often used as another term for a school district Board of Education and may also refer to a group of people who oversee the administration of a private school or charter school. abiotic [Gk. The term is also used by private organizations to mean a scholarship provided to low-income families to help with private school tuition payments. ( Log Out /  中学数学、高校数学の重要公式をカンタンに確認できるアプリが新登場! 各公式ページについている、公式の利用シーン、公式の覚え方・使い方などの、お役立ち解説は必読! このアプリで中学数学、高校数学の重要公式をしっかり確認しよう! Achieve Virtual Education Academy: Online High School in Indiana. Block scheduling: A daily schedule where each class period lasts longer than traditional school class periods. School-within-a-school: A small academic program within a larger school that has its own students, personnel, budget, program, curriculum, and culture. Several private organizations in Colorado provide scholarships for low-income families to help pay for private school tuition. This method of learning is designed to help students relate learning to their own experiences in order to understand how the curriculum is relevant to their lives. High School Edubabble: A Teacher-Talk Glossary, ISBN 1525564730, ISBN-13 9781525564734, Like New Used, Free shipping in the US Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. High School Transcript A transcript is a record of your child’s high school courses, including the credits and grades earned on each. English/Spanish Glossary California Department of Education ENGLISH–SPANISH EDUCATION LANGUAGE GLOSSARY (2008 EDITION) This is the second edition of a translations glossary developed to encourage more consistent use of words and terms that are commonly found in state and federal education communications. The English-Spanish Glossary for Educational Settings was developed by the California Department of Education (CDE) to encourage more consistent use of words and terminology that are commonly found in state and federal communication documents about assessment, education, and accountability. Most option schools do not have an attendance area and all students must open enroll into the school. Individualized Program: An educational program that is altered to meet the academic needs of each student. Clear the box to return to the full glossary. Shipping and handling Option schools are also called “magnet” or “focus” schools. A magnet school is focused on a specific subject or theme. Glossary Pearson, as an active contributor to the biology learning community, is pleased to provide free access to the Classic edition of The Biology Place to all educators and their students. Marxism: The political beliefs attributed to Karl Marx which are centered around the ownership of the means of production resting with the working class, as well as the redistribution of wealth. 1. Elementary, middle, and high schools have their own attendance area. Leader in Me: Leader in Me is a leadership and character development program based on the works of Stephen Covey. Most students in year-round school are in class about the same number of days as students on a traditional school calendar. Academia A collective term for the scientific and cultural community engaged in higher education and research, taken as a whole.The word comes from the akademeia just outside ancient Athens, where the gymnasium was made famous by Plato as a center of learning. Aggression: Action taken, directly or indirectly, by an individual or a group of individuals which robs another individual of their Life, Liberty, or Property. The goal is to provide a sense of community and stability for the students and to help the teachers have a better understanding of the students’ educational development. Project-based learning: Academic content is taught primarily through projects that include learning about many subjects (such as math, science, reading, and writing) and may be completed over the course of weeks or months. If approved, the school district board of education must submit the innovation plans and waiver requests to the Colorado State Board of Education for ratification. Get to information and activities about the United States government, how laws are made, and the history of the Capitol and Congress. The schools usually teach skills needed for a career in the field of technology. Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP): A series of tests taken by public school students in 3rd to 10th grade in the areas of reading, writing, math, and science. Glossary of Terms Looking Towards the Future!! A focus school is a program that uses the district curriculum but offers a unique theme (such as a focus on science or the arts) or philosophy (such as Montessori). You must choose a school level when creating your SHI. You must choose a school level when creating your SHI. Click here to see common characteristics of gifted students. COLLEGE ADMISSIONS GLOSSARY Acceleration: Speeding up the educational process.Students can sometimes graduate in three years by gaining college credits for International Baccalaureate or Advanced Placement courses in high school or, in some colleges, by going to school year-round. Change ). An ode is … Note: Several points have subsidiary points supporting them, so in the example given, the individual would go onto to list other points and statistics to verify the point that universal healthcare is too expensive. Unlike charter schools, option schools are run by the school district. There is nothing wrong with detailing your teen’s unique personality and achievements on the transcript, but you also want to keep it uniform. Universal Healthcare (And Why It’s Tantamount to Slavery). Its purpose has been, and continues to … Some option schools are also neighborhood schools where only the students who live outside of the attendance area must open enroll. The purpose of the activities is to help you review material you have already studied in class or have read in your text. Slavery: For a private party to restrict another private party’s Liberty. The High School Anarchist ... Glossary. Glossary of Education Terms This page explains the terms and acronyms used in California’s education system. Schools use different programs to teach ELL students. A normal school day begins at around 7:30am and ends around 2:15, and host students between the ages of 14-18. Diploma Completion: A program or school designed to help students who have not succeeded in a traditional school to complete the coursework needed to obtain a high school diploma. College preparatory (“college prep”) school: A school with the primary mission of preparing students for college-level academic work. Other online programs are site-based, where students come to a central location where teachers and mentors are available to help guide students through the course work. Each district selects its own curricula. and (4) for high schools, a specified graduation rate or improve-ment in the rate. Online High School Indiana Districts Need in a Pandemic September 30, 2020 Celebrating 10 Years of Online High School at Achieve Virtual September 30, 2020 Strategies for Online Schooling that Keep Students Engaged August 26, 2020 A vocabulary list featuring 100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know. Innovation School: The Colorado Innovation Schools Act of 2008 (Senate Bill 08-130) provides for a school (or group of schools) to request certain waivers from state law and / or collective bargaining agreements. Schools may create an individualized learning plan and/or offer one-on-one help with academic work. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Charter school: A tuition-free independent public school. Comments are closed. Published by the National Forensic League and posted on the National Forensic League website. Published by … Debate: An exchange between two or more parties in which all parties are attempting to demonstrate to the other the superiority of their ideas over the others. Classical education: A program based on the ancient Greek and Roman model of education. HSSP offers non-credit enrichment courses to 7th-12th grade students on weekends at MIT. It is part of a series of articles which contain lesson plans comparing the current financial crisis to historical economic crises. Parochial school: A type of private school that teaches religious ideas in its educational program and usually operates as part of a religious institution, such as a church. Glossary At the Quest to Learn Middle School, classes are made up of six “Integrated Domains”: The Way Things Work; Being, Space, and Place; Codeworlds; Point of View; Wellness; and a media literacy/design course called Sports for the Mind. Depending on the type of waivers requested and received, the school may have greater autonomy and flexibility in academic and operational decision-making, such as hiring and firing, professional development, budget, calendar, and curriculum decisions. Students who study and review the science terminology and vocabulary used in high school science lessons are better equipped to achieve understanding of the concepts. The school district assigns students living within the attendance area to a school. Cyberschool: see Online learning school / Online learning program. English-Spanish Glossary for Educational Settings (DOCX). Genres are the categories that literature fits into. Early College: A high school that requires students to earn an associate’s degree or at least sixty credits toward a post-secondary degree in order to graduate. adjacent angles: angles that share a common side and a common vertex. Expeditions may involve long-term investigation of important questions and subjects that include individual and group projects, field studies, and performances and presentations of student work. For example, a school offers both the traditional district curriculum and a Montessori strand where students who enroll in the program learn in a separate Montessori classroom. The purpose of the activities is to help you review material you have already studied in class or have read in your text. In order to open, the schools are approved by either the local school district or the Charter School Institute. Just a list of some important terms. Tyranny: For the state to enslave its constituents. Montessori offers a student-centered environment where teachers introduce new ideas as they see that the students are ready. They are … Free verse is a genre of poetry that follows no set meter or rhyme structure. The majority of schools in a school district will teach the district-chosen curricula, but charter and option schools often request a waiver from the board to teach different curricula. English immersion: see Structured English immersion. through broad themes explored in projects and learning centers. School level is the grade level in your school—elementary, middle, or high school. Magnet school: A type of option school. Neighborhood School: A public school students are assigned to attend because they live in the school’s attendance area or attendance zone. IB aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. Attendance area / Attendance zone: The area surrounding a neighborhood public school. International Baccalaureate (IB): The International Baccalaureate (IB) is designed to be a challenging educational program for students ages 3 to 19 (Primary Years, ages 3-12; Middle Years, ages 11-16; Diploma Programme, ages 16-19). The schools place great emphasis on respect for each individual student. Circumstances include poverty, homelessness, parental abuse or neglect, parents who never completed high school, drug or alcohol abuse in the family, or living in a home where English is not the primary language. Posted in 504, All Articles, IEP, Learning In School Tagged 504, Glossary terms, High School, IEP, Special Education terms Post navigation. To find a specific word or phrase, enter it in the search box below. High School Civics Glossary Says Israel Is Jewish, Arabs Are Hostile The lexicon was updated after the Court of Justice complained. School districts are governed by a locally-elected Board of Education. A level of school organizational structure that generally includes grades 9-12. Board of Education: An elected group of five or seven people who oversee the administration of a school district. Such schools often emphasize service learning projects and outdoor education to help students learn how their actions impact the local environment and the world. The school must submit an innovation plan to its school district board of education for approval. Private schools charge tuition and some offer or accept scholarships to help families pay tuition. Families with Disability Concerns Take Extra Care when Planning for Emergencies. School district: An entity designed to administer public education for elementary and secondary students in a specific geographical area. 2. The Glossary of Education Reform was developed by the Great Schools Partnership with generous support from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and in partnership with the Education Writers Association.It was created to help journalists, parents, and community members—anyone with an interest or investment in our public schools—understand some of the major reform concepts being discussed … There is a focus on broad knowledge, thinking, and analytical skills. Back-to-basics can also be called “fundamental” education. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Words selected by the Editors of the American Heritage® Dictionaries. STEM programs focus on these subjects to increase interest in these fields.

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