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First-time Member of Parliament Lothan Cousins will oversee water and agriculture, while another freshman, Hugh Graham, has been charged with shadowing commerce, science and … The Honourable Ministers; State Ministers; ... Minister without Portfolio. Not more than four Ministers can be appointed… View Profile. The role of a Member of Parliament (MP) is a multi-functional one. One MP is elected to the House of Representatives by each of Jamaica’s 60 constituencies. The MP Tracker reduces the distance between yourself and your political representative. A crocodile last week attempted to place a daylight courtesy call on its member of parliament (MP), but found the door to the offices closed. PORTFOLIO. Valenton Wint Mining and … Andrew Holness (front row, second left) is surrounded by Ministers of State and some Cabinet Ministers, following the swearing-in ceremony for Ministers of State at King’s House on September 14, 2020. Portfolio Agencies; Blog; What We Do . They have broad oversight functions and are therefore empowered to establish committees from its members to scrutinize bills, the spending and performance of public institutions, as well as the conduct of public officials. He served as the Minister of Labour and Social Security in Jamaica between 2007 and 2012. Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries. Hon. Constituencies and MPs as of 2019. President Muhammadu Buhari has assigned portfolios to his 44 ministers.. Below is the full list of the ministers and their portfolios. It is used to denote age and at other times experience. Members of the Cabinet. These include persons like Juliet Holness, Charles Jnr., Floyd Green, Malahoo-Forte, Alando Terrelonge, Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn and Johnson-Smith who are all still in their 40s. The Central Executive which is the second highest decision making body outside of its annual conference, was convened to hone the Party’s readiness for the upcoming General and Local Government Elections. It aims to help Members of Parliament find the information they need to embed gender issues into their work, and to provide a central location for information, research and data on gender in Fiji. Mr. Samuda, CD. Constituency: Bwana Mkubwa Political Party: Patriotic Front (PF) Portfolio: Minister - Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Speaker of House Dr. the Honourable Ralph Gonsalves. Honourable Jaundy Martin. The Ministerial list contains information on the current Ministers of the Crown, and the portfolios and other responsibilities that they hold.. Horace Dalley. The croc turned up at the Port Morant office of Dr Fenton Ferguson, the MP for Eastern St Thomas. As of March 10, 2016, he holds the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives. Patricia Duncan Sutherland Education and Training. Kingston, Jamaica (February 6, 2019) — The 12-member “National Veranda HOP5” design team, led by Guenet Sissaye Anderson, is one of five finalists in Jamaica’s Houses of Parliament Design Competition, which launched the exhibition stage on January 30. Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation. Members of the 11th Parliament. Not more than four members of the Cabinet may be members of the Senate. Members of Parliament of Jamaica Prime Minister, the Most Hon. The Constitution gives these MPs the power to make laws for peace, order and good governance of Jamaica. View Profile. This site uses cookies to give you the best online experience. ... for her new portfolio. Wavell Hinds Sports. Rudyard Spencer, who previously served as state minister at finance and the public service, is now in the Ministry of National Security, and Senator Pearnel Charles Jr … LEADER of the People's National Party (PNP) Dr Peter Phillips yesterday named two non-parliamentarians to his 27-member team of shadow spokespersons and deputies. Kingston, June 5, 2020 The Houses of Parliament wishes to remind the public that educational tours and visits to its galleries remain suspended until further notice. Members of Parliament are allowed to access $20 million annually from the CDF to assist with projects in their constituencies, including education, and social improvement. The country follows the Westminster system and elects sixty-three Members of Parliament (MPs) to the Jamaica House of Representatives. How did my MP use the money given to develop my constituency? Dr Shane Alexis Health and Wellness. The Parliament of Jamaica is the legislative branch of the government of Jamaica.It consists of three elements: the Crown (represented by the Governor-General), the appointed Senate and the directly elected House of Representatives.. Mr. Fitz Jackson. It not only answers all those questions above and more but helps you to appreciate and assess the performance of your Member of Parliament in carrying out their duties to you. Many Members also work on parliamentary Crocs are infamous for having many large, sharp teeth and Ferguson is a dentist. This collection of statistical resources on gender in Fiji has been curated by the Research and Library Services of the Fiji Parliament. Dr. Kenneth Wykenham McNeil. POLITICAL PORTFOLIO APPOINTMENTS: Venesha Phillips National Security. The Jamaica Labour Party’s Central Executive today met in St James. Imani Duncan-Price Industry, Competitiveness and Global Logistics. Jamaica Labour Party Headquarters. Appointed ministers are responsible for the actions, successes and failures of their departments. Parliament Current Members All Current Members 43rd Parliament (December 5, 2019 to present) 42nd Parliament (December 3, 2015 to September 11, 2019) 41st Parliament (June 2, … Note: Full Government listing will be updated soon. It is made up of 63 elected individuals who are called Members of Parliament (MPs). Thirteen Senators are appointed by the Governor-General on the advice of the Prime Minister. In 1980 at the age of 27 years, he was elected Member of Parliament for Western Hanover and served that constituency until 1989. Attorney General Honourable Sir Louis Straker Mr. Audley Shaw. Honourable Carlos James Esq. Who is my Member of Parliament? Members of the Government of the United Kingdom, and, in particular, the Recommendations of a Committee headed by Lord Nolan on Standards in Public Life The Nolan Report laid out Seven Principles of Public Life which should govern the activities of Members of the Government in their day-to-day business. Omar Davies. The Most Honourable Andrew Michael Holness (ON, MP) Prime Minister of Jamaica. By using our site you agree to accept these cookies. Page 1 of 2. List of Members by alphabetical order ; Ministers of her Majesty - Current ( as at 7th December 2017 ) Ministers of Her Majesty ( as at 19th July 2016) Members of the 9th Parliament. Members of Parliament; e-Services; Forms Government Agency Sites; Services; Permits and Licences; About The Bahamas. Members of Parliament The House of Representatives, which is also known as the Lower House, is one of the two Houses of Jamaica’s Parliament. Mr. Paul Buchanan. Note: Full Government listing will be updated soon, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Minister of Housing, Urban Renewal, Environment and Climate Change, Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, © 2020 Office of the Prime Minister (OPM). The 63 MPs act as a bridge between the community and the Government by ensuring that the needs and concerns of their constituents are heard and addressed in the Parliament. Both grew up in politics and boast Fathers who have served/continue to serve in Jamaica’s Parliament. They have a responsibility to three primary groups in their capacity as: • the elected representative of an electorate • a Member of Parliament and • a Member of a particular political party (the exception being for Independents). It consists of the Prime Minister, and a minimum of thirteen other Ministers of Government, who must be members of one of the two Houses of Parliament. We invite you to send any concerns regarding accuracy to [email protected] Dr. the Hon. What is the easiest way to contact my MP? 11th Parliament List of Members by Alphabet; Members of the 10th Parliament. The two houses of Parliament, the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces, conduct their work in plenary sessions (where Members of a house meet together in one group), in joint sittings (where Members of both houses meet as one group), and in Committees (smaller groups of Members). It is made up of 63 elected individuals who are called Members of Parliament (MPs). Dr. Chang’s political career began in 1976 as an active member of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). 20 Belmont Road Kingston 5, Jamaica Tel: (876)-929-1183 Email: [email protected] MPs have responsibilities to two main groups: their constituents and to Parliament. The Constitution gives these MPs the power to make laws for peace, order and good governance […] The following is the list of constituencies as at April 2019, and the MP elected in each constituency. ... Amidst complaints about less-than-desirable public-service delivery, the Government of Jamaica is pushing ahead to achieve world-class customer service through the more than 200 public-sector institutions islandwide. Among the fresh faces are newly minted senator Janice Allen, who will shadow tourism, and Gabriela Morris, the youngest ever member of the Upper House, covering the youth and sports portfolio. Map of the constituencies of Jamaica, as of 2016. Prime Minister/ Minister of Finance of the Public Service, National Security, Legal Affairs and Grenadines Affairs. Copyright © 2018Jamaica Accountability Meter PortalAll rights reserved, This website is owned by the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal Ltd, an independent, non-government, not for profit organisation, registered under the Companies Act of Jamaica .Disclaimer: JAMP makes every effort to use reliable and comprehensive information obtained primarily from government institutions, but JAMP does not claim 100% accuracy. The Cabinet of Jamaica is the principal instrument of government policy. He has been the Member of Parliament for North West St. James since 2002. Political Career: He has served the constituents of North Central Clarendon since 2002 as their Member of Parliament. Read more about it here. How is my MP representing my interest in the Parliament? The other eight are appointed on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition. She is the first woman to hold this post. Andre Hylton Transport and Works. Dr. Walton Small Education and Training. A unitary state and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Jamaica’s form of government is known as a constitutional monarchy. Where can I find the Constituency Office? Advises the Governor General on the dissolution of parliament – parliament is usually dissolved in preparation for general elections which are due every five (5) years. North Central Windward. Its Constitution, under which the country gained independence in 1962, is primarily based on the British socio-politico culture and is modeled after the Westminster-Whitehall (British) System of Government. MPs’ duties in Parliament include participating in debates and voting on legislation and other matters. The House of Representatives, which is also known as the Lower House, is one of the two Houses of Jamaica's Parliament. All Rights Reserved. Appoints the six (6) members of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council which is officially Jamaica’s final appellate court. MEMBER. Mr. Edmund Bartlett. These are: Zavia T. Mayne is a Jamaican born Attorney-at-Law, Businessman, and Member of Parliament for the constituency of South West St. Ann; he is the Minister … Read More Ministers Hon. That said, there are several new, young Members of Parliament within the winning Jamaica Labour Party. CONSTITUENCY. The Senate (Upper House) According to the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), the Senate is a nominated House made up of 21 members.

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