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Full Dashboard

With the Sales – POS – Financial – Inventory Spreadsheet you will be able to practically control your business, Perform sales at the POS by Barcode Reader, and in addition to a Dashboad with the main financial information, the spreadsheet has 12 Financial reports, 3 Sales reports and 2 Inventory reports.

Simple to use

Excel knowledge is not required to be able to use it.


The spreadsheet has records for Customers, Suppliers, Income Accounts, Expense Accounts, Cost Center, Tellers and Banks and Payment Methods.


The spreadsheet has entries for Income Entry, Expense Entry, Transfers Between Cashiers, Cash Entry and Retention and Sales by Finance. 


A variety of reports generated for Cash Flow (Actual or Projected), Expenses and Income (Forecast versus Realized by Year and Month), DRE by Year, Month and Cost Center, Reconciliation of Cash by Month, Day and Cost Center and Movements by Cost Center, Account Group, Customer or Supplier and Payment Method.

Sales and Stock

For sales, it has Sales Release – POS, Budget Creation, Sales Listing, Sales Report by Customers and period, POS Sales by period, POS Sales Print and for stock it has a Product Registration in Inventory Entries and Inventory Issues, Inventory Report with minimum stock, receipts and issues, current balance and stock status.

Excel versions above 2010, 2013 and 2016 must be installed on the computer.

Works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

It is noteworthy that the Spreadsheet does not work on Apple’s MacBook even if it has Windows installed and does not work on tablet or cell phone.

Know how the worksheet works and understand how to use it.

See how to use the Financial POS – Excel Cash Front


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